Vent pipe connection flexible

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Vent pipe connection DN 110-75-50 flexible for connecting the waste water pipe to the vent pipe

EAN-Nummer: 4002644093901

Flexible vent pipe connection for connection to the vent tile or waste water pipe with vent pipe, plastic, black

Washing, cooking, washing up, showering - a lot of water is needed and consumed in a household. High-temperature pipes are used to convey the waste water out of the building. Marley HT pipes are made of polypropylene, heat-resistant up to 95 °C and resistant to common household salts, alkalis and acids.


Vapour pipe connection DN 110 - the flexible connection between vapour hat and downpipe The connection hose creates a flexible connection between the pipe and roof passage, bridges differences in length and compensates for axial misalignments of max. 45° inclination up to the perpendicular.
  • Suitable for roof-side connection DN 110
  • resistant to weathering, ageing and deformation
  • Size on downpipe side: DN 50/75/110
  • Note: Not suitable for outdoor use.

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