Interview with Peter Heine, Geschäftsführer Marley Deutschland GmbH

Hello Mr Heine, please introduce yourself briefly.
My name is Peter Heine. I have been CEO of Marley Deutschland GmbH since 2016, after holding various positions in industry and consulting in Germany and abroad.

What is your impression of the company here in Wunstorf?
A rock-solid company that has had to reinvent itself many times over the years since it was founded in 1952 in order to be successful on the market. In the meantime, Marley has become a permanent fixture in the German DIY market.

How did you get to know the people who work at Marley?
As solid as the company is, so are the people: Down-to-earth, committed to the company and the region, well educated. Together we will tackle the new challenges in organisational development.

Where do you see Marley's strengths - what makes Marley products special?
Marley products impress with their pronounced simplicity and are therefore ideal for do-it-yourselfers to work with. Marley offers holistic solutions and thinks along with the customer - thus, quality products for pipes, gutters and fittings are available for almost all drainage applications. In the air product area, Marley picks up on the trend towards healthy living and is a leader in the field of smart ventilation. Useful accessories complete the range.

What goals do you have for Marley - how would you like to see the company develop?
Marley will continue to put the customer first. In addition to attractive products in Made-in-Germany quality, we will continue to work on our internal processes. The aim is to seek even stronger communication with our customers via conventional media, but increasingly also via social media, and thus to lend the Marley brand even more character. In addition, we will focus more on the topic of digitalisation and work on further projects with the trade as a partner.

What does "Do it with Marley" mean to you?
Our customers can rely on us to offer DIY solutions that are not only functional and easy to use, but also make a lasting contribution to maintaining the value of buildings thanks to their high quality. We promote this with useful installation tips and installation videos to help our customers implement their projects.

Marley offers systems for new build and renovation - have you used the products yourself?
I have already "found what I was looking for" in Marley's wide range of products in the areas of water, space and air and have implemented private projects. I like to tell interested guests about this when we show the whole range of products in our showroom, for example.

Do you have a favourite Marley product?
With so many products, I can't talk about a favourite product. But I like it when products are easy to install and contain clear recommendations on how to maintain them. An already very good product becomes even better when its functionality is enhanced by accessories. Here we have a lot to offer our customers at Marley.

Describe Marley in 3 words.
Versatile, Practical, Good

What is special about Marley - what can new employees expect when they join Marley?
We invest in the future of our location and its employees. In doing so, we want to further modernise Marley and also position it as an attractive employer for the future.

Why do you think Marley is a good employer?
Marley is first and foremost a healthy company and has a lot to offer its employees. Employees appreciate the open communication across different levels and participate in the development of the company through the numerous information offers. Health and safety are also top priorities at Marley. We invest a lot here to ensure that our employees stay healthy. We also have structures in-house that deal with the products for tomorrow. This is how we ensure that Marley can continue to offer secure jobs in the future.

What special Marley moment do you remember fondly?
Whenever we get positive feedback from our customers or are liked on social media, we know that we have done a good job and that the products have brought tangible added value to our customers. These Special Marley Moments are when I am happy to be a part of Marley.