Partner von Marley

Marley Deutschland Gmbh is part of the international ALIAXIS GROUP, which comprises 100 companies in over 50 countries worldwide with more than 15,000 employees. Marley employs around 400 people at its Wunstorf site.

As an internationally important supplier of plastic products for new construction and renovation and as a leading supplier to the DIY industry, it is important to us to meet customer requirements in terms of quality and price. We are looking for reliable, competitive partners to support us in this.

If you can supply us with raw materials, trade goods, components or services, please register free of charge in our procurement portal. This system is operated by POOL4TOOL, our technology service provider in the field of supplier management and tenders.

After registering, we ask you to take the time to complete our supplier questionnaire. This will enable you to benefit from direct involvement in future tenders and shorter contact channels. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and look forward to working with you in the future.

Demand groups

The following materials and services are regularly tendered by Marley Deutschland GmbH:

1 Raw materials

1.1 Polymers (PVC, PP, PPR)
1.2 Additives/ chemicals

2 Metal parts

2.1 Gutters and roofing sheets
2.2 Brass parts
2.3 Steel parts (clamps)
2.4 Metal parts other (aluminium/ stainless steel)

3 Plastic parts

3.1 Gutter/ pipe/ profiles
3.2 Moulded parts
3.3 Sanitary ware

4 Other production materials

4.1 Electrical parts (e.g. fans)
4.2 Rubber (e.g. lip seals)
4.3 Adhesives

5 Packaging/ Labelling/ Printing
6 Investments and services
7 Sales aids and advertising material for POS

If you are able to cover our requirements in one of the above categories, please apply here as a future supplier of Marley Deutschland GmbH.