Marley AquaStec manifold - everything is possible!

With Marley AquaStec you have endless possibilities. Manifolds can be combined with each other and closed with blind caps. The distributor outlets with Eurocone connections are available in dimensions 16 and 20.
Important: The manifolds and their outlets have a special thread and must therefore not be screwed with metal threads.

Schritt 1

Basiskörper oder Erweiterung für Verteiler, 2 EK-Anschlüsse.

Schritt 2

Basiskörper oder Erweiterung für Verteiler, 3 EK-Anschlüsse.

Schritt 3

2 Verteiler werden miteinander verbunden.

Schritt 4

<div>Verteiler wird mit Endkappe verschlossen.</div>

If a particular manifold outlet is not needed immediately, it can be temporarily closed with a plug and clip:

To do this, simply push the plug into the connection and secure it there by pushing the clip into the notch of the plug. Done! For later commissioning of the manifold outlet, you only need to remove the clip from the plug again and then pull out the plug. Then you can insert the calibrated pipe into the connection and put the new outlet into operation. The plug and clip are both reusable.

Schritt 5

Lösen Sie die Hülse.

Schritt 6

Den Stopfen in den Anschluss drücken.

Schritt 7

Den Clip in die Rille schieben und festdrücken.

Schritt 8

Zur Inbetriebnahme: Clip mittels Spitzzange herausziehen und Stopfen entfernen.

Of course, the plug and clip can be used for the entire range of push-in fittings, for example:

A spare pipe fitted with a push-in fitting and plug. If the spare pipe is to be put into service, simply remove the plug and clip and insert the pipe into the fitting.

Schritt 9

Rohr mit Steckfitting und Endstopfen.

Schritt 10

Clip mittels Spitzzange herausziehen.

Schritt 11

Stopfen entfernen.

Schritt 12

<div>Das kalibrierte Rohr in den Fitting stecken.</div>

A modular system