Innen-Ventilator zur optimalen Wärmeverteilung von Raum-zu-Raum

Everyone knows the problem: In houses and flats there is often a strong temperature gradient between heated and adjacent cooler rooms. The living room, for example, is strongly heated and it can quickly become too warm there - especially when using a fireplace or stove. In the adjoining hallway, on the other hand, it remains frosty cold.

Marley has the solution: with the new heating economy set, the heat can be distributed evenly. This ensures a pleasant room climate and makes an important contribution to saving heating costs. Due to the low installation depth of the fan, the Heiz-Spar-Set can also be used with wall thicknesses from 110 mm.

The radio remote control makes it particularly convenient to operate. The whisper-quiet fan can be adjusted to nine power levels and, with a maximum of 2.5 watts, is particularly economical in terms of power consumption.

Make clever use of surplus warm air!

With the new Marley heating-saving set, heated air can be distributed evenly and in an energy-saving manner into adjacent, colder rooms. With the ready-to-install set, installation can be done in just a few steps:

  • Determine the installation location and create a wall opening for a 125 mm pipe.
  • Shorten the ventilation pipe to the wall thickness and insert it into the wall opening.
  • Insert the fan into the ventilation pipe.
  • Install the controller box under the plaster in the wall.
  • Lay and connect the connection cable between the controller box and the power supply (230 V) and to the fan.
  • Seal wall openings with plaster/gypsum
  • Insert the disc valves into the ventilation pipe on both sides - done!
The heating economy set is complete and ready for immediate use, it consists of
1 fan 125 mm Ø with only 100 mm installation depth
1 remote control black, incl. battery
1 controller box with radio module incl. 230 V connection cable and 2 m supply cable to the fan
1 ventilation pipe 125 mm Ø, white, length 250 mm
2 disc valves 125 mm Ø, white

Advantages of the Marley heating-saving set

  • Even heat distribution - better room climate
  • Particularly suitable for buildings with a fireplace or stove - often the room is too warm with the stove anyway
  • Protection of the building fabric
  • Can be closed soundproof when not in use

Technical data:

  • 9 ventilation levels adjustable via remote control
  • Speed 700 to 1,500 rpm
  • Air volume from 21 to 51 m³/h
  • Power consumption: max. 2.5 watts
  • Noise: max. 48.1 (dB)A at 1 metre
  • IP range: IP 24 for fan and controller box (flush-mounted)