Pipe/skirting holder

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Skirting slide holder, 4 pieces per bag

EAN-Nummer: 4002644051376

The height-adjustable sliding holder is used to simultaneously hold pipes up to a pipe diameter of 22 mm and the skirting board. Unevenness of the floor can be compensated for without any problems. The distance between the holders should not exceed 1 m. One bag contains 4 sliding holders.

The Marley skirting board system offers the technically perfect and elegant solution for covering heating pipes laid on the wall in old and new buildings. Cables can also be concealed that would otherwise lie untidily along the wall. The skirtings are also well suited for light installation and can thus increase safety in the hallway, for example, by integrating a motion detector.


  • Five modern colours
  • High quality finishes
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Height-adjustable sliding brackets
  • Suitable for light installation
  • Paintable white skirting board
  • Made in Germany