Pipe angle

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Pipe angle DN 50 connection for washing machines and dishwashers, drainage of rinsing water

EAN-Nummer: 4002644093079

  • Connection for washing machines and dishwashers
  • Drainage of rinse water from decalcification systems, condensate from cooling appliances, etc.
  • Easy to shorten!
  • Hot water resistant up to 90° C
  • Material Polypropylene Copolymer (PP)
  • DIN-EN 1451 oriented

Washing, cooking, washing up, showering - a lot of water is needed and consumed in a household. High-temperature pipes are used to convey the wastewater out of the building. Marley HT pipes are made of polypropylene, heat-resistant up to 90 °C and resistant to common household salts, alkalis and acids.

Vorteile Marley HT-Innenentwässerung

  • For all waste water connections in the house
  • Easy to install due to plug-in assembly
  • High-temperature-resistant waste pipes according to DIN EN 1451-1
  • Hot water resistant up to 90° C
  • Nominal widths DN 32/40/50/75/90/110

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