KG2000-B bow 45°

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KG2000 B bow DN/OD 110 45°

EAN-Nummer: 4052836713209

The KG2000 waste water pipe system for the highest requirements. The clean, secure plug-in assembly makes installation easy for you. The triple lip seal is already pre-assembled.
  • Highest reliability for buried sewage pipes
  • Three nominal widths for pipes and fittings in DN 110, 125 and 160
  • Construction lengths from 500 mm to 2000 mm
  • Robust, chemically neutral, 100 % recyclable
  • Made in Germany
  • Easy to install and connect with other systems (cast iron pipe, vitrified clay, etc.)



  • Tight due to 3-fold lip seal
  • Robust, due to solid wall technology and high ring stiffness
  • Safe in frost areas down to -10 °C
  • 100 % recyclable polypropylene (PP) and chemically neutral


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Does a backwater valve need to be serviced?
Yes, every backwater valve, whether single or double, should be checked at least once every six months. In case of dirt and debris, remove cover, clean parts, check seals and replace damaged parts. We recommend a complete check at least every 12 months.
Up to what temperature can sewage pipes be loaded?
HT pipes are made of PP (polypropylene), this plastic is hot water resistant up to 90°C. KG pipes are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and are temperature-resistant up to 60°C.
Which sewage pipes may I lay where?
KG pipes (sewer base pipe, colour orange) are only approved for laying in the ground, the smallest diameter is DN 110. HT pipes (high-temperature, colour grey) are only approved for sewage pipes in the house.
For which types of wastewater are the backwater valves suitable?
The single and double backwater valves may only be installed in pipes with faecal-free wastewater.
What are the advantages of Marley pipe aerators?
Marley pipe aerators provide pressure equalisation in the event of negative pressure in the wastewater pipe system and thus prevent siphons/odour traps from being sucked dry. In the depressurised state, the pipe aerator is closed and tight. No odour nuisance! In a single-family house, at least one ventilation pipe must be installed above the roof! The tube ventilator does not replace main ventilation above the roof!