Gutter set RG 100 for log houses

€ 438.04 * Empfohlener Verkaufspreis inkl. MwSt.


For log houses with a side length of up to 4 m, with adjustment brackets, complete set for 2 wooden house sides, colour: brown

EAN-Nummer: 4002644568119

Marley gutter sets protect walls and foundations of garden and log houses safely and reliably from damage caused by rainwater. The complete sets with gutters, downpipes and fixing accessories are available for roof sizes of 3-6 m side length.
4 x gutter, half-round 2 m RG 100
2 x gutter connection tray RG 100
4 x end pieces for left and right RG100
14 x gutter brackets RG 100
14 x Adjustment bracket for gutter bracket
2 x connecting pieces RG 100 / DN 75
4 x pipe bend DN 75, 45
2 x downpipe DN 75 2 m
4 x pipe clamp with eyebolt



  • Simple and quick assembly
  • High quality plastic
  • 10-year warranty
  • Age and colour resistant
  • Dimensionally stable and accurate fit
  • Impact resistant and highly durable
  • Weather, UV and temperature resistant
Does the half-round gutter have to be glued?
The half-round gutter is a pure plug-in system and must not be glued. If it were glued, there would be no controlled linear expansion and thus no deformation or similar.
Is there a reduction for gutter downpipes?
No, the size of the downpipes, like the size of the gutter, depends on the roof area, therefore it is not necessary to reduce or extend a downpipe.
Can Marley gutters be painted?
Yes, the gutters can be painted with Dulux Seidencolor or Glanzcolor, for example. A primer coat is necessary beforehand. The recommendations of the paint manufacturer must be observed. Save yourself this time-consuming work and buy Marley gutters in special colours.