Flat tank

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Flat tank 2000L with inflow calmer and mini flex dome

EAN-Nummer: 4002644335124

The installation of the flat tanks is comparatively easy compared to "classic" rainwater tanks, as the flat design only requires a small installation depth and thus only a small excavation pit with little earth excavation. This is particularly advantageous for retrofitting in existing garden areas that are difficult to access for excavators and heavy equipment.
Shallow tank 2,000 litres with inflow calming device and mini-flex dome
Attention: Only available in Germany!



  • Purely biological and proven active principles of purification of rainwater through the patented Biovitor
  • Maintenance intervals of 10 years and more
  • Important: Use Marley gutter grids as pre-filters when leaves accumulate
  • Large yield of clear, odourless rainwater without suspended particles (no dirty filters!)
  • High-quality and powerful clear water pressure pumps with integrated automatic switch, dry-running protection and non-return valve