Flat rainwater tank

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Flat rainwater tank for garden watering 2000 L

EAN-Nummer: 4002644335100

The flat tank complete system for garden irrigation is a comfortable and well-engineered detailed solution. The installation is comparatively simple compared to "classic" rainwater tanks and the selected components ensure long-lasting operation. The clear water pressure pump with integrated automatic switch automatically delivers water as a submersible pump when the tap is opened and stops when the tap is closed. If there is a risk of frost, please de-energise the system and open the tap of the garden dispenser.
Contents: 2,000 litre flat tank, inlet calming device, X-100P clear water pressure pump, Mini-Flexdom, suction filter and accessories, RSK 1500 rainwater collection box, fittings with pipe for pump connection.
Attention: Only available in Germany!



  • Purely biological and proven active principles of purification of rainwater through the patented Biovitor
  • Maintenance intervals of 10 years and more
  • Important: Use Marley gutter grids as pre-filters when leaves accumulate
  • Large yield of clear, odourless rainwater without suspended particles (no dirty filters!)
  • High-quality and powerful clear water pressure pumps with integrated automatic switch, dry-running protection and non-return valve