Exhaust poppet valve with clamp bracket, made of plastic

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Continuously adjustable exhaust air poppet valve, with variably adjustable clamp bracket for pipes Ø 145-160 mm, Ø 193 mm, white

EAN-Nummer: 4002644059631

Exhaust air poppet valve made of plastic, for indoor use, with variable clamping bracket, the exhaust air opening is infinitely adjustable by means of a rotatable valve disc.
  • Material: Frame and valve plate made of PP, hexagon nut, threaded rod and sheet metal screw made of steel (galvanised), clamping spring made of galvanised sheet steel
  • Plate size: Ø 193 mm
  • For connection to pipes Ø 145-160 mm
  • Colour: White



Uniform ventilation allows the room air to circulate and relieves it of pollutants. Without air exchange, the moisture from breathing air, cooking vapours and the bathroom condenses on the walls. The formation of mould can be the result and put a strain on the building fabric and well-being. Ventilation grilles from Marley regulate the air exchange and thus the humidity.
UV resistance:
  • Permanently colour-stable surface
  • No yellowing of the plastic
  • Weather-resistant - long-lasting enjoyment of the beautiful design
Rain-repellent slats:
  • The composition and position of the slats protect against rain penetration into the brickwork
  • No water marks
Impact resistance:
  • Stable, high-quality plastic
  • Resistant to mechanical stress
  • Stable, robust and durable

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Kann ich in eine Kölner Lüftung statt Gitter einen Ventilator einbauen?

Nein, das würde das gesamte Gleichgewicht der Lüftung zerstören. Es kann nur ein normales Gitter oder eines mit Schnurzug eingebaut werden.

Bis zu welcher Temperatur können Marley-Ventilatoren, Flachkanäle und Lüftungsgitter eingesetzt werden?

Die maximale Fördertemperatur bei Ventilatoren beträgt je nach Modell 40–45 °C, Flachkanäle und Lüftungsgitter aus Kunststoff PVC sind formstabil bis 60 °C.