Sophistication for the Space-saver: Folding door before a work area

Economically elegant: Work area in a flexible cabinet.

Fascinates admirers of the modern line: Space-saving folding door in front of a self-constructed work area. The desk is integrated into an open cabinet. The folding door, New Generation, is installed in front of the shelf to form a door for the cabinet. When work calls, open NewGeneration with a simple handle and open your computer work area. For more leg room, move the rolling cart out of the cabinet area.

After your work is completed, push the computer back in and your work area is quickly and easily locked – and your work gear disappears into the "cabinet". You can enjoy a pure living room-feeling – also when unexpected guests surprise you – or a relaxed bedroom atmosphere.

Folding door NewGeneration is well-suited: it is not only single panelled, but duo-panelled as well. And, you can obtain the modern, design-oriented look in three designs as well as three different acrylic panel inserts. Standard folding door package and expansion panels can be obtained directly at a Marley distribution partner in your building outlet. Have fun and DIY!

With a standard folding door package, you can cover an installation height of up to 205 cm, as well as a width of up to 86 cm with a single panel and up to 400 cm with a duo-panel.

One more thing: If your area extends beyond this, we can assist you with an individually manufactured door made-to-measure. This will easily cover an installation height of up to 260 cm, as well as a width up to 260 cm with a single-panel and up to 520 cm with a duo-panel door.

Advantages Marley folding doors

  • Impact-resistant, long lasting, high-quality plastic
  • Optimal form stability and fitting accuracy
  • Spare part service
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Top quality – Made by Marley

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