Repairing a defective HT pipe

While carrying out jobs at home the sewage pipe can get damaged. Please do not panic. The repair is quite simple. All you need is a coupling sleeve, a long sleeve, lubricant and some tools (coarse file, hacksaw, folding rule and a pencil for marking)

1. Mark the total length of the long sleeve at the right and left of the defective position. Saw out the defective pipe section and chamfer the pipe ends with the coarse file.

  • 2. After applying the lubricant, the coupling sleeve is pushed on to the pipe end which - looking in the direction of the flow – comes after the defective position.

      3. Then mark the provided plug-in depth (>marking bead) of the long sleeve, apply the lubricant on the pipe end and push the long sleeve up to the mark on the pipe end.

      • 4. Finally, pull the coupling sleeve over the end of the long sleeve - Finished!

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