Installation ColorFold Bi-Fold

The installation of a bi-fold folding door is organised in the same manner as a single-fold installation.

The track measurement (Installation instruction picture 3: Determination of B) changes in the bi-fold installation as follows:

In order that the individual track connections are centred (and also that of the two panel divisions) both tracks should be equal in length (B = total opening width of the bi-fold door; one track B/2 in length).

In order to realise the connection/closure of both panels, the fastening/closure track (9513) of one folding door package is screwed onto the middle of the folding door locking profile. Care should be given that the track length be the same length of the corresponding panel.

In order to fasten the closure track in the centre of the locking profile, we suggest drilling a small (5mm) hole.

Pre-drill 3 mm of the closure track

Pre-drill 3 mm of the locking profile with drill hole

Screw onto the centre of the track

Further steps follow exactly, whereby a small trick is used when installing the track to allow the two separate tracks to form one run and create a clean connection.

Position a fastening clip (9520) so that it grasps the ends of the track and creates one run.

Install the second track

Locking system of the bi-fold ColorFold

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