Installation of a RG 75 on the sill plate with storage space

A roof gutter is a sure protection for building elements and it discharges the rain water in a controlled way. It prevents damages due to water. In garden houses or small attics made of wood, penetration of rain water in the wooden structure is reduced to a large extent.

The adjustable holders of the RG 75 are installed at a distance of about 60 cm. The holder is variable up to 25°. Hence, the roof gutter can be adjusted optimally in the inclined position.

The two sections of the roof gutter are joined by the connecting casing.

The slope is controlled. If necessary, an accurate adjustment can be made at the adjustable holders.

The end piece is pushed into the roof gutter.

The branch with the down pipe is installed on the other side of the catslide roof.

The total view of the attic with the installed RG 75 roof gutter.

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