Connecting a water tap

You want to have an extra water tap, e.g., for a washing machine, in an existing water pipe made of copper? We will show you how easy it is.

You need the following materials (e.g., Marley DreMa):
16mm Alu composite pipe, T-piece, wall angle ½"IG, 2x adapter for copper pipe, 2x adapter for Alu composite pipe, drainage valve with back flow preventer, Teflon belt, 6mm dowels and wooden screws 4x40.

You will also require the following tools:
A pair of plastic pipe scissors, calibrating plug, 24" open-end wrench or open box wrench, water pump forceps, metal saw, file, screwdriver.

Block the pipe and empty it before starting work.

To be able to install the T-piece, you must cut off a piece from the copper pipe. Take the T-piece and mark the required length.
The pipe end should project about 5 mm into the T-piece. A fine-toothed metal saw or a special pair of plastic pipe scissors is ideal for separating the pipe piece. Burr the cut surface and chamfer the edges gently with a coarse file. Ensure that no chips remain in the pipe.

  • Place the copper pipe adapters on both pipe ends and join them with the T-piece. Tighten the cap nut when the T-piece is aligned correctly. Use the water pump forceps to hold the fitting while you tighten the cap nut with the open end- or open box wrench with maximum force (!).

    Now fasten the wall angle at the desired position with the help of dowels and screws.

  • Measure the stretch between the T-piece and the wall angle and cut off a piece of the Alu composite pipe of this length with a pipe cutter (do not saw). It should fit exactly between the two connections.
    The cutting operation has crimped the pipe. Restore the form of the interface with the help of a calibrating plug.

    Now plug the adapters of the Alu composite pipe at both pipe ends and join them as described above with the T-piece and the wall angle.

    1. Now take the tap, wind at least 15 layers Teflon tape on its connecting thread and screw it into the wall angle.

      Important: Use only tested taps with back flow prevention valve for connecting washing machines. A simple ball cock is not sufficient!

      Otherwise there is the risk of water flowing back into the drinking water pipe contaminating the pipeline with germs.

      Before operating the pipe, test the pressure with minimum 1.5 times the operating pressure. The pressure must be maintained for at least 2 hours.

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