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Safety opening: During planning of a new stand pipe, do not forget the maintenance opening! If there is ever a problem, it can be quickly and easily resolved with the Marley HTRE cleaning pipe.

Slopes: Compliance with these guidelines can save a lot of aggravation – if a slope is too great, there is the danger that water will flow passed large objects too quickly resulting in a clogged drain. That is not necessary! That’s why access pipes in the sanitary stack should also be installed at an 87o angle – and a slope of only 3 o! This is valid for lines of the same diameter, as well as for reduced slopes.

Also: The sleeve end is always installed indicating the directional flow of the water source!

Sanitary pipe should primarily be installed with a slight slope – that way the pipe will be sufficiently vented and noise remains low.

Length equalisation: Important during installation of HT pipes: Temperature changes can cause materials to expand. In order that the pipe does not build tension, it needs some room. This is easily remedied: After pushing the pipe together, simply pull it out of the sleeve 1 cm. That’s enough!

Whoever trims must also angle:

With HT and KG pipe production, the pipe ends are lightly treated to allow for easier installation. If you cut a pipe to measure, you will make installation easier if you lightly file the pipe end to an angle. Using lubrication, pipes are pushed together easier.

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