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In the home

Modern pipe ventilators for enhanced living comfort

You have probably experienced this before: you suddenly hear gurgling sounds from the sink or shower and there is sewer gas arising from the spout releasing an unpleasant odour. The reason for this is that the siphon has been sucked empty due to a sudden vacuum in the drainage pipe. Installation of a Marley pipe ventilator helps in the automatic aeration of drainage pipes. So you can get rid of the noises in the pipe and the unpleasant odours.

This is how the pipe ventilator works: when vacuum develops in the drainage pipe system - for example during rinsing - the valve opens automatically and allows the ambient air to flow in. The inflowing air causes a rapid pressure equalisation and prevents the empty suction of the odour trap. The valve shuts off when there is normal or excess pressure in the drainage pipe. The Marley pipe ventilator is available in the nominal sizes DN 32 to DN 50 and DN 75 to 110 and has the building inspectorate approval Z-53.5-466. According to DIN EN 12056, ventilation ducts such as the Marley pipe ventilator no longer need to be fitted solely via the roof. Leaky roofs near the pipelines can be avoided in this way.


Reliable protection against backflow

The extent of damage to buildings and household items due to flooding and the backflow of large quantities of water has increased significantly in recent years. But it doesn't have to be that way! Home-owners can at least protect themselves against backflow, thus avoiding damage to their own homes, as well as third-party property. In some municipalities you are even required to protect against backwater. The easiest and most economical solution is to install backwater valves such as the OTTIMA double non-return backwater valve by Marley.

Doubly protected

Fitted in the drainage pipes, Ottima ensures that the water you use flows safely into the drainage system without you having to worry about it flowing back. Moreover, the two non-return flaps with stainless steel inserts provide an effective barrier to keep out rats. The Marley backflow valve meets the European standard EN 13564, which is LGA confirmed. The inlet and outlet connections correspond to the European standard EN 1329 and EN 1401. The OTTIMA double non-return backwater valves are available for pipes with diameters DN 110, 125 and 160.


So that precipitation water flows off safely...

Unfortunately, rain is not always a blessing. This is especially true of heavy rain, which has now become a common weather feature here. But the consequences for the environment and our buildings can be severe. Marley drainage systems for balconies, terraces, paths and driveways provide protection against expensive water damage.

Thanks to its high drainage volume and smooth surface, the Marley drainage channel safely drains surface water from terraces, garages, driveways and house entrances into the drainage system. The channel is made of particularly robust, impact-resistant and ageing-resistant plastic, can be cut to length with a saw and can be easily and quickly laid in concrete. It has a built-in outlet for the canal bottom pipe and is safely covered by a self-lock grate. The channel is passable by car, has a high drainage volume and is resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, fats and road salt. Thanks to various connection options and prepared corner solution, it is ideally suited for different installation situations.

Drainage solution for paved areas

The practical Marley inlet shafts are the perfect drainage solution for paved areas. They collect the precipitation water and reliably transport it. They are easy to connect to sewage pipes thanks to universal connectors and provide lasting protection for buildings in case of damage due to precipitation water. The robust shafts made of grey polypropylene are available in the sizes 200 x 200 millimetres and 300 x 300 millimetres, and can be equipped with a cast iron or PVC inlet grate or a PVC shaft cover depending on the situation. The plastic shaft covers are passable and the cast iron grate is passable by car.

Marley drains for drainage from balconies and terraces

If rainwater collects in balconies and terraces, moisture can penetrate the living spaces. Which is why the lawmakers brought in DIN 1986-100 stating that rainwater needs to be diverted away from balconies. Marley drains ensure safe drainage. They are made of temperature and impact-resistant plastic and are alkali and acid-resistant. Available in various designs for every installation situation, they have a high drainage performance. The plug-in connections make them very easy and safe to install by yourself. But what is the use of the best drain if it is blocked? So don’t forget to clean them regularly.

Product of the month

Marley percolation cube

The more rainwater that can percolate naturally instead of being channelled through the sewer system into the sewage treatment plant, the better it is for groundwater formation and the natural water cycle. With the percolation cube, Marley offers home owners an easy-to-assemble modular system that allows rainwater to easily seep into the premises. This relieves the public pipeline network and prevents flooding. In addition, home owners can exempt themselves from the sewage fee for rainwater by installing the percolation cube.

Rainwater percolation made easy

The 60 x 60 x 60 cm percolation cubes made of sturdy plastic have a percolation volume of up to 205 litres. The number of percolating cubes needed for an infiltration system depends on the roof area and the type of soil. If several percolation cubes are installed next to each other, they must be so close together that no gaps are created between the boxes. The geotextile that is provided with the cubes prevents the channels of the percolation cube from being clogged by soil. In addition, it is recommended to install a Marley rain sink trap, which connects the roof gutter downpipe to the infiltration system. The rain sink trap detains leaves and dirt and prevents the clogging of the drainage shafts. The percolation cubes come with a detailed and easy-to-understand installation manual so that nothing goes wrong when installing the environmentally friendly infiltration system.

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