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Where can I install backflow flaps for wastewater?

The single and double backflow flaps can only be installed into non-facaes wastewater pipes

Where do I install which wastewater pipes?

Underground drainage pipes (sewer pipes, orange) may only be laid underground; the smallest radius = DN 110. Soil and waste pipes (high temperature, grey) are approved only for use as wastewater pipes within the house.

What are the advantages of Marley pipe ventilators?

Marley pipe ventilators regulate low pressure in wastewater pipes, preventing a vacuum from developing in siphons and odour stoppers. In the absence of pressure, the pipe ventilator is closed and airtight. No bad odours! In a detached family home, at least one ventilation pipe must lead up through the roof! The pipe ventilator does not replace the main roof ventilation!

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