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Welcome to Marley’s FAQ advice pages. Here you will find answers, explanations and general information on frequently asked questions.

Why do Marley folding doors not have a floor rail?

Because Marley does not want to trip you up! Plus the fact that Marley doors are technically so advanced that even a floor rail could not improve the efficiency.

Can I extend my Marley PANEEL door, or just leave slats out?

Technically speaking, yes. However, the PANEEL door will only close in a perfectly straight line when built into a standard 86cm doorframe with the standard number of slats. Single extension slats are therefore not available as extras. If you are looking for a larger or smaller door, why not try our standard PRESIDENT and EUROSTAR ranges.

None of our retailers seem to have two-winged Marley folding doors in stock. Do I have to order these specially?

No, all you need are two single elements, which you fit one into each side of the doorframe. However, only the PRESIDENT is suited to this, on account of the special shutting mechanism.

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