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Welcome to Marley’s FAQ advice pages. Here you will find answers, explanations and general information on frequently asked questions.

Up to what temperature can Marley ventilators, flat pipework and ventilation grilles be exposed?

The maximal temperature the ventilators can cope with varies according to type, but is between 40 and 45° C. Flat pipework and PVC plastic ventilation grilles can resist temperatures up to 60° C.

Does the MWK -AN module slow down the ventilator?

No, the AN module activates the extra running tie of the ventilator. The ventilator begins to run as soon as the light switch or other switch is turned on. The ventilator will switch itself off simultaneously with the light switch, where this is turned off in less than two minutes. If the ventilator runs for more than two minutes, it will run as long as the light switch is left on, plus the additional programmed extra running time.

Do the Marley control modules work with all ventilators, or only with the module system ventilators?

The construction of these control modules is such that they are suited only to the Marley module system ventilators (MW 100/125/150 B/V).

Can I regulate the performance of my Marley ventilator separately?

In principle, yes; Marley does not, however, stock such rpm regulators. Try asking in your local DIY store for an rpm regulator for ventilators from other manufacturers. However, we have no data concerning long-term performance. On no account should a so-called dimmer (for lighting) be used.

Can Marley ventilators convey air over a distance of more than 8 - 10 metres, or through more than one floor?

Yes, but you will need the MW 100 R radial ventilator. Only radial ventilators can produce the high pressure necessary for such distances. To minimise any performance loss, make sure the pipelines are as straight as possible when installing such ventilators, with as few bends and corners as possible.

Why does it take so long for the automatic cover on the Marley ventilator to open, once I have switched it on?

The cover is steered by a thermo switch, which literally needs to ‘warm up’ first. After approx. 40 seconds, the cover will open gently and quietly.

How many cables do I need for a ventilator with extra running time?

For ventilators with extra running time, you will need a cable for the (programmed) running time, one for the off position, and a third cable for the extra running time phase.

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