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Quality control to Marley water supply

Drinking water is our most important food and, hence, is strictly supervised. The DIN (The German Institute for Standardization) 1988 regulates exactly which requirements drinking water pipelines in residential buildings must fulfil. The DVGW (German association of the gas field and water field Inc.) checks whether drinking water systems default the DIN 1988 correspond. By his certificates confirms of the DVGW that all drinking water management systems offered by Marley correspond to the norms counting in Germany.

Certifications, expert assembly and proper maintenance allow to expect a life span from at least 50 years. All systems are healthwise safe according to the KTW recommendations of the former federal health centre (today federal environment office).

The installation is subject to technical rules as well as the statutory regulations contained in the German Ordinance on General Conditions for the Supply of Water (AVBWasserV).

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