Simple leak-proof connection: compression fittings

No gluing, brazing, welding or threading

Cut the pipe with the plastic cutter.

Screw off the fitting - fit the nut, clamp and seal over the pipe.

Push the pipe end into the fitting up to the end Position.

Hand tighten the nut - done.

Before the drinking water pipeline is used, a pressure test must be carried out by a plumber to DIN 1988 (20°, 2 hrs., 17.5 bar).

The installation is subject to technical rules as well as the statutory regulations contained in the German Ordinance on General Conditions for the Supply of Water (AVBWasserV).


Advantages Marley cold water system

  • DVGW proofed system
  • For drinking water up to 20°C
  • Working pressure up to 12,5 bar
  • No depositions, no corrosion
  • Easy and safe installation

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