Lay out the parts according to your sketched plan. Position the fittings, stopcocks and sprinklers accordingly. We recommend you use 32 mm Ø pipes to ensure that sufficient water reaches the sprinklers.

Cut the Marley cold water pipes (made of polyethylene PE-HD) to size, either using a special pair of plastics scissors or a fine- toothed saw. Make sure the ends are straight.

File the ends of the pipes to ensure that the O ring inside the clamp is not damaged when fitting, and also to make installation easier.

Loosen the nut over the clamp, slide the PE-HD pipe in until it wedges in past the O ring (i.e., beyond the first point of resistance). Make sure no soil enters the pipe.

Tighten the nut by hand. No extra tools are needed for this.

To lay the pipes underground, dig a ditch approx. 30 - 35 cm deep. Carefully loosen the grass seam from the soil.

Position the water sockets on a flush level with the ground surface. Add any extensions from the corner at 90° to the socket, with pipe and attachment fittings. Hosepipes may be fitted with the key to the water socket and the water tap attachment, with a quick 1/2" coupler.

Installing Marley water sockets at various intervals around the garden will enable you to tap water quickly and easily without long hosepipes.

Before filling in the ditch, make sure you test the pressure! Then refill the earth into the ditch, replacing the grass seam carefully. Tread down well and water generously.

To connect with other pipe systems, the thread must be sealed with teflon band. Do not use hemp.

The Marley cold water system can be connected to garden pumps on the external thread of the 32 x 1" or 32 x 3/4" attachments.

Connection to backflow valve for vacuum pipes in garden well.

Connecting to the tap:

a) PE-HD pipe, 20 mm Ø, cap angle or wall plate, 20 mm x 1/2" IG, water tap

b) PE-HD pipe, 25 mm Ø, 25 x ¾" IG wall plate, water tap (no picture)

c) PE-HD pipe, 32 mm Ø, 32 x 1" IG wall plate, 1" AG x 1/ 2" IG reduction, water tap


Advantages Marley cold water system

  • DVGW proofed system
  • For drinking water up to 20°C
  • Working pressure up to 12,5 bar
  • No depositions, no corrosion
  • Easy and safe installation

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