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Marley DreMa is easy to install and is exceptionally suitable for drinking water and for the installation of heaters. No soldering, welding or gluing, even a thread cutter is superfluous. All that you need is 1 scissor for the plastic pipes, 1 screwdriver, 1 pair of multigrip pliers and combination wrenches of 24 and 27 mm.


The best are just good enough. Where it is necessary, the fittings consist of brass. This proven material is applied and possessed by professionals and has excellent characteristics for applications with drinking water lines. This well thought-out system on the basis of screw connections with matching adapters possesses an optimal adaption characteristic for fitting onto different pipe diameters and materials. The clamping ring screw connection is based on the principle of the crimp connection - only when the connecting nut is screwed on tightly, there is an adequate clamping action between the pipe and the fitting. Therefore, the connection is permanently sealed and can be mounted in the wall.

Piping systems

Indestructible and highly hygienic. The Marley DreMa drinking water and heater system can be connected to any existing water lines using an adapter or screw connection without any problem. The piping system should be continuously run over the different floors stress relieved and should be protected against direct sunlight. Marley DreMa offers two types of material with specific characteristics: The plastic coated aluminium bonded pipe and the flexible PE-X plastic pipe.

Aluminium bonded pipe

The aluminium pipe underlines itself through following special characteristics: It possess an exceptional resistance against warmth ageing, chemically resistant against heater additives, extremely smooth inner surface, therefore a minimum loss of pressure, no accumulation and no pitting corrosion. The aluminium bonded pipe can worked on easily and quickly because of its positive bending characteristics using the Marley spiral spring (78,79), even in tight radius. This saves extra connectors and bellows and therefore time and money.

  1. Basis pipe
  2. Adhesive agent
  3. Aluminium pipe
  4. Adhesive agent
  5. Polyethylene protective layer

PE-X plastic pipe

The positive flexibility of the PE-X pipe allows an even easier installation. Through the additional application of a protective pipe as "Pipe in Pipe" technique, the pipe can be replaced without any problems when it has been mechanically damaged.

Important notice

Continuous flow heaters

  • DreMa pipes are not allowed to be connected directly onto a

    hydraulic continuous flow heater. A metal pipe of at least 1 meter has

    to be placed between the hydraulic continuous flow heater and the DreMa


    Observe the Energy Conservation Regulations (EnEv).

  • Cold water lines are usually laid inside an empty pipe or have a pipe insulation (4-13mm)
  • There are no regulations that warm water lines should not be

    insulated in flats with heated rooms, we recommend that an insulation

    of at least 9 mm or that they should be laid in an empty pipe.

  • For warm water lines in unheated rooms, 20 mm pipe insulation (=0,035) W/mK should be used.
  • Heater lines in base boards can be laid without insulation as the heat emissions act positive for the heated room.

Pressure test

  • Before initiating the drinking water line, a pressure test has

    to be carried by a sanitary installation professional out according to DIN 1988 (20º, 2 Hours., 15 bar).



Advantages Marley DreMa

  • For drinking water and heater systems
  • Temperature-resistant up to max. 95° C at 10 bar
  • DVGW proofed
  • No depositions, no corrosion
  • Easy to install without soldering, welding or sticking
  • Connectable to other systems

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