DreMa - Drinking water and heater systems

Just screwed, quite ready

Turn it and see! Installation of tap water lines is easier than you think with DreMa from Marley. DreMa is the water line system for warm and cold water that can be installed in nothing flat – quick, easy and safe. The trick: Pipe connections are simply screwed into place. That’s it! Lines remain water tight!. No soldering, welding or gluing. DreMa is available with aluminium connection pipe and with PE-X-plastic pipe. Marley DreMa is designed to withstand a constant 70° C maximum water temperature and 10 bar water pressure. Temperature may temporarily rise to a maximum of 95° C. Especially convenient – DreMa not only connects easily within its own system, but just as easily to existing copper or iron pipes. You determine additional work as the DreMa system can be installed under or over plaster. Save on expensive tradesman and simply do it yourself. After all, you have a handle on everything with DreMa!

Even radiators need warmth: DreMa forms strong bonds

Does your heating system need a hookup? We can connect – and so can you. Installation of heating connections is easy to handle with DreMa. Installation with DreMa is done economically with the classic two-pipe system – and reliable material. DreMa Aluminum Connection pipes are not only especially stable, they also consist of high chemical resistance and are 100% oxygen diffusion proof. This minimizes the corrosion of your radiators.

Especially useful: post construction installation, The Marley baseboard system can be installed on finished walls. This saves you from having to open the wall to hide plumbing.

DreMa. Out of love for heating – and your wallet!

Advantages Marley DreMa

  • For drinking water and heater systems
  • Temperature-resistant up to max. 95° C at 10 bar
  • DVGW proofed
  • No depositions, no corrosion
  • Easy to install without soldering, welding or sticking
  • Connectable to other systems

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