Combination possibilities

Would you allow us to make your work easier?

Marley DreMa fittings are delivered without screwed-on adapter. Therefore, you are offered numerous combination possibilities between the different diameters of pipes and piping materials. Our colour guidance system makes the selection of the required system parts for your needs much easier.

That one fits

Which pipe fits onto which adapter?
The adaption onto the different diameters of pipes is carried out using adapters. For the connection onto existing steel pipes with inside or outside threads, there are specific transfer connectors for the respective 1/2, 3/4 or 1 Inch threads on the one side.

A connection onto every type of material is possible:

  • Aluminium bonded pipes
  • PE-X plastic pipes
  • Copper pipes
  • VA Stainless steel pipes
  • Galvanised steel pipes

Let yourself be guided

The complete sortiment is colour coded for their certain application areas (e.g. Orange is for the washstand, WC etc.) and a number code (e.g. 7) so that the product can be recognised in all descriptions and in the shelves.

  Washstand, Toilette, Bath, Dishwasher, Washing machine

  Flood shower, Press flusher, Outside tap connection / garden

  Raising line and distribution line


DreMa pipe connector

DreMa transfer connector

Advantages Marley DreMa

  • For drinking water and heater systems
  • Temperature-resistant up to max. 95° C at 10 bar
  • DVGW proofed
  • No depositions, no corrosion
  • Easy to install without soldering, welding or sticking
  • Connectable to other systems

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