Assembly instructions

Unscrew the brass bellow out oft he sanitary socket (12), remove the lower part of the socket and push the upper part of the socket into the assembly rail (88), take care of the later thickness of the plaster (A). (Distance of the extracting point on the assembly rail = 153mm, when the fitting distance deviates, use an escape connector). Level the assembly rail using a spirit level and mount it onto the wall professionally.

Trim the DreMa aluminium bonded pipe or PE-X pipe at a right angle using the scissors for plastic pipes (72), do not use a saw! This is important for a tight connection from pipe to brass connector.

All aluminium bonded pipes have to be calibrated after they have been trimmed to guarantee a long-lasting tight connection. Push the lower part of the socket, nut and clamping ring over the pipe and calibrate the end of the pipe. Insert the calibrating mandrill (71) until the inner end position of the pipe and turn it a few times. Insert the supporting body of the Euro adapter (20, 22) until the inner end position of the pipe, the plastic washer protects against contact corrosion. The o-ring of the supporting body is not allowed to be damaged when inserting it into the end of the pipe. PE-X pipes are not allowed to be calibrated. The supporting body for PE-X pipes (Euro adapter 21) seal without o-rings in the pipe and do not require plastic washers.

Connect the brass bellow with the supporting body, for this purpose, tighten the nut as a hand worker would do*, the press plug (70) is used as a lever.

*As a control for the fastening torque, we recommend that with the first screw connection, loosen the nut and to check if the clamping ring is firmly attached.


Insert the lower part of the socket (12) and screw the brass elbow together with the upper part of the socket. To protect the pipe against loss of heat and the accumulation of water (with cold pipes), we recommend that these should be layed in empty pipes (132, 133) or that a suitable insulation should be used.

If the assembly rail (88) is cut in half, a single wall socket (12) can be mounted easily. The pipes have to be layed with a laying radius of at least 5 x the diameter of the pipe (use the spiral spring). They are not allowed to be guided at a right angle out of the wall to allow heat expansions to take place. For the connection of two empty pipes, an approx. 100 mm long pipe has to be silted longitudinally and is then put over the two pipes.

Advantages Marley DreMa

  • For drinking water and heater systems
  • Temperature-resistant up to max. 95° C at 10 bar
  • DVGW proofed
  • No depositions, no corrosion
  • Easy to install without soldering, welding or sticking
  • Connectable to other systems

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