Double socket

Through the application of double sockets (11), a greater flow volume is reached with a ring installation and long water holding times in line segments that are not used are avoided.

In wall extraction point

A in wall water line connection can be layed fast and without a problem using wall angles (13, 14). Fittings with safety combinations (86) have to be used when connecting a hose to prevent a contamination of the drinking water through back flowing water.

Outside extraction point

With the connection of extraction points outside, a ball valve with draining function has to be installed (we recommend 20 Ø aluminium bonded pipe) to enable this to be drained for protection against frost during the winter periods. The drainage valve has to be situated between the handle of the ball valve and the extraction point. The connection thread on the ball valve has to be sealed using Teflon band (73).


To be able to supply numerous extraction points, the 1" distributors (80, 81) shall be sealed with Teflon band (73) and screwed together (use Teflon tape sparingly). The ball valve (82) and the 1"outside thread coupler (32) should also be sealed with Teflon. The branch points that are not required should be closed using an end plugs for branch points (63). Close open distribution sides with distribution end plug plugs (63)

Distribution box

Up to 7 branch points for separate warm and cold water can be installed in the distribution box (119). Install the distributor for cold water underneath. When using the shut-off valve for distribution branch points (64), a single line can be shut-off selectively if an extraction fitting has to be repaired.

End of the rising line

For example, to be able to convert an attic, the rising lines have to be fitted with an adapter for an aluminium bonded pipe 26 Ø (45) and a 1" inside threaded coupler (34) and is closed a with a distribution end plug (61).

Distances of the pipe clamps

Aluminium bonded pipes are fixed using sound insulated clamps (89, 90, 91). The DreMa sound insulated clamps can be used as fixed clamps or a slip / slide clamps. The fixed clamps should be used for rising lines and in the areas of branched lines. In the elbow area, a flexible section has to be used between the spaces to the next fixing clamp (0.4m). When the pipes are layed, care has to be taken that a longitudinal expansion of the pipe can be carried out stress free.

Transfer to the different diameters of pipes

Depending on the application, DreMa aluminium bonded pipes of different diameters can be combined with each other. Additionally, flexible PE-X pipes of 16 Ø x 2.2mm can be connected in a "Pipe in Pipe" system. Therefore a replacement of a damaged pipe is possible.

Advantages Marley DreMa

  • For drinking water and heater systems
  • Temperature-resistant up to max. 95° C at 10 bar
  • DVGW proofed
  • No depositions, no corrosion
  • Easy to install without soldering, welding or sticking
  • Connectable to other systems

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