PREMIUM ventilators

Innovative and energy saving

An overview of ventilators in the PREMIUM range:

Especially for windowless bathrooms, only runs in continuous operation, touchpad operation, humidity control, post-run timer 0–15 minutes, splash-proof protection IP 24

Permanent basic ventilation

This ventilator is ideal for interior bathrooms without windows: to avoid moisture-damage and mould growth, a user-independent basic ventilation in accordance with DIN 1946-6 is required. The P11 has continuous operation and only consumes 1 to 4 watts. All settings such as room size, flow rate, etc can be comfortably entered via the modern touchpad.

The innovative automatic humidity control detects a sudden increase in humidity (e.g. when showering) and independently switches the ventilator from energy-saving basic ventilation to intense ventilation. The design of the P11 is ideal for long feed distances and is extremely quiet.

Adjustable in six stages, humidity sensor, post-run timer 0–15 minutes, touchpad operation, mechanical backflow flap, splash-proof protection IP 24

Six performance levels

With intelligent humidity control and six performance levels, this ventilator offers maximum operating convenience. The ventilator initially runs up to 30 minutes the first time it is switched on: During this time, the humidity control adjusts itself to the prevailing normal humidity of the room and then can detect any increase in humidity itself (e.g. when showering).

The six performance levels can be set according to the room situation and ventilation distance. The integrated post-run mechanism controls the post-running time – up to 15 minutes, depending on the running time of the ventilator.

Slot-in pipe ventilator including mounting foot for installing between two pipes, ideal for long exhaust air routes, depending on the mounting position can be used for ventilation or air extraction, splash-proof protection IP 24

Powerful and quiet

The ventilator is installed in an air line, which makes it virtually undetectable in the room requiring ventilation or air extraction. With 20 dB(A) (3m) the unit generates around 70% less noise than conventional axial ventilators. It also provides a high flow rate of 110 m³/h at a high pressure build-up of 50 Pa. As a result, the ventilator can be used for longer feed distances of up to 3 m.

It can be fitted between two pipe sections using the retaining foot supplied.


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Advantages of Marley ventilators

  • Modern design
  • Economic operation
  • Easy to install, easy to clean

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