Fresh wind in the bathroom

Fresh air is a must – in damp areas, such as bathrooms and toilets, regular ventilation is particularly important – providing good air in a room and safeguarding mould.

High humidity created when taking a shower or bath settles on cold walls causing mould. Having a well-functioning and coordinated ventilation and extraction system is especially important for interior bathrooms without windows. Controlled ventilation saves valuable energy and ensures a regular exchange of air. The Marley range has the right ventilator – to match the size and type of room requiring ventilation.

The duo ventilator series offers the right ventilator for any type of ventilation and extraction situation:

   PREMIUM ventilators

The innovative and energy-saving Marley Premium ventilators are particularly quiet and durable, ideal for damp rooms. Five year warranty.

   CLASSIC ventilators

Marley Classic ventilators – tried and tested, high-performance technology with a wide range of applications for comfortable room ventilation. Three year warranty.

Ventilators – the benefits

Moisture sensor
- Measures atmospheric humidity
- Automatically transports moist air outside
- Prevents mildew from forming

- Ventilator post-runs automatically
- Convenient ventilation
- Variable post-running time

Feed distance
- Feed distance length
- Long feed distances for interior bathroom / WC

Direction of flow
- Wall ventilators transport air outside
- Installation position in slot-in pipe ventilators determines the direction of flow

Backflow flap
- Protects against drafts
- Prevents outside air entering
- Opens during operation

Ball bearings
- Ball bearing-mounted motor
- Less friction – hardly any wear
- Quiet operation – long service life

Continous operating
- Permanent exchange of air day and night
- Ventilation according to DIN 1946-6

Operating stages
- Adjustable flow rate
- Six performance levels
- For air exchange to suit requirements

  • Do you need information on Marley TopLine, FineLine, Silenzio or SmartVentilators?
    Download assembly instructions and product data sheets with features and performance values from our download area under “Service".

    Advantages of Marley ventilators

    • Modern design
    • Economic operation
    • Easy to install, easy to clean


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