Ventilation grilles

Comfortable ventilation in living spaces

Open your home to fresh air because not only is it enjoyable, it can also maintain your health – and your living space. Constant ventilation and extraction systems allow the air to circulate and helps keep pollutants at bay. It can quickly look quite different if air isn’t exchanged. Moist air from breathing, cooking fumes and the bathroom settle on the walls. and can cause toxic mould to grow. This damages both the building as well as your health – with every breath. So, it’s better to extract the air! By regulating the exchange of air, the Marley ventilation grilles also regulate humidity in your rooms. Because we want you to be safe and healthy.

Grilles – the benefits

- Permanent colour-fast surface
- Permanent colour-fast surface
- Weather-resistant – long enjoyment of the beautiful design

Rain-repellent fins
- Composition and position of the fins protect rain from penetrating the brickwork
- No water traces

No water traces
- Stable, high-quality plastic
- Resistant to mechanical stress
- Sturdy, robust and durable

The special feature of Marley grilles:

The composition and position of the fins prevent driving rain from entering the brickwork. Thanks to high-quality plastic and a permanent colour-fast surface, Marley grilles do not yellow – not even after ten years!

Pipe connection:

Ventilation grilles in many sizes, shapes and colours, in plastic, copper and stainless steel for any type of Installation.

Advantages Marley ventilation grilles

  • UV-resistant
  • Modern design


Marley ventilation grilles available in different colours are especially UV stable. This prevents yellowing, meaning their brilliant, white surface will last for years to come.



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