The simple way to an ideal living climate

Fresh air is important for a healthy living environment and promotes well-being.

Do you want fresh air in your bathroom without the smell and steam? Would you like to effectively banish cooking and baking odours from the kitchen outdoors? Do you want to breath hygienic, healthy air in your living room and bedrooms?

Marley ventilation technology provides the right solution for a healthy living space. The road to feel-good air should be well-thought through – and this is exactly where Marley ventilation technology comes in:

  • Easy-to-install ventilation and extraction systems
  • Sophisticated, high-performance ventilators
  • Appealing, timeless product designs
  • Suitable system solutions for any room type
  • Save energy and money through controlled ventilation
Breathe easy without having to worry about odours, humidity and mould: the Marley ventilation system is the perfect choice for this. Look out for the colour coding on the individual product ranges – they will guide you to the ideal room climate.


Healthy fresh air
Outstanding performance thanks to the latest technology – safe, quiet, energy efficient – in a modern design.


Maximum extraction performance
Cross-sections and sizes suitable for small and large extractor hoods – with minimal air resistance.

Simple installation
Through-wall systems with variable length adjustment for adapting to wall thicknesses, with high-quality plastic grille.


Certified quality
Ventilation grilles in many shapes, colours and sizes in plastic and stainless steel for any type of installation.

We show the air where to go

We show the air where to go:

Aeration zone: fresh air silently passes through ventilation openings into living rooms and bedrooms without causing a draught.

Overflow zone: fresh air is evenly distributed, passing through the door grille into other rooms, e.g. the hall.

Extraction zone: stale air is taken outside the house – e.g. via an extractor hood in the kitchen or a ventilator in the bathroom.

Advantages of Marley ventilation technology


  • Modern design
  • Economic operation
  • Easy to install, easy to clean

Pipe and ducting systems

  • Aerodynamic sections
  • Flame-resistant according to DIN 4102/B1
  • Simple installation
  • Through-wall systems:
    - UV-resistant
    - For wall thicknesses up to 480 mm


  • UV-resistant
  • Modern design


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