Formation of mildew

So it doesn't take our breath away

Most time of our live we spend in closed rooms. Usually with modern, heat insulated windows that do not let almost any fresh air in from outside. With every breath of air we take we are consuming oxygen and releasing condensation, additionally carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide burden the room air through paint and care products.

To avoid that our air is not kept away with the increasing humidity and that harmful mildew does not grow on the walls, regular room ventilation is of utmost importance. The mildew attacks the building substances over the years and then our health when we breathe it in. Those who believe that they can get rid of the old and sticky air in the room by opening the window really are just throwing their money out of it. It's a shame for the expensive heated air.

Water vapour and humidity settle themselves on cool surfaces as condensation or condensed water. The relative humidity in rooms should lie under 70%. This is good for our repertory passages and prevents the formation of mildew.

The humidity attracted mildew is more than a disfigurement: They endanger the building substances and your health.

Advantages of Marley ventilation technology


  • Modern design
  • Economic operation
  • Easy to install, easy to clean

Pipe and ducting systems

  • Aerodynamic sections
  • Flame-resistant according to DIN 4102/B1
  • Simple installation
  • Through-wall systems:
    - UV-resistant
    - For wall thicknesses up to 480 mm


  • UV-resistant
  • Modern design


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