Heat energy saving set

Indoor ventilator for ideal heat distribution from room to room

Everyone is familiar with the problem: There are often significant temperature differences between heated and the cooler adjoining rooms in houses and apartments. Living rooms tend to be heated well and they can frequently become too hot, especially if there is a fireplace or a stove. In contrast, the adjacent corridor is likely to be bitterly cold.

Marley has the solution: The Heat Saving Set makes certain that the warmth is evenly distributed, creating a pleasant feel in the room and cutting the heating costs significantly as well. The ventilator's slender structure even accommodates walls as thin as 110 mm.

A remote control unit ensures outstanding ease of use. The virtually soundless ventilator is infinitely adjustable and uses no more than 2.5 watt for especially economic operation.

Smart use of excess heat!

The new Marley Heat Saving Set evenly distributes the warm air through colder adjoining rooms for that added efficiency. Installation is easy in a few simple steps, out of the box:

  • Simply pick the installation spot and create a wall aperture for the 125 mm pipe
  • Cut the air pipe to match the wall thickness and then insert into the aperture
  • Slide the ventilator into the air pipe
  • Flush mount the controller box in the wall
  • Lay the cable from the mains socket (230 V) to the controller box and the ventilator and make the connections
  • Use gypsum/plaster to seal the wall aperture
  • Fit poppet valves on both sides of the air pipe – and you're all set!

The Heat Saving Set is good to go out the box and consists of

 1 ventilator 125 mm Ø with only 100 mm installation depth

 1 remote control unit, black, with battery

 1 controller box with wireless module, including a 230 V power cord
      and a 2 m cable to the ventilator

 1 air pipe 125 mm Ø, white, length 250 mm

 2 poppet valves 125 mm Ø, white

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Benefits of the Marley Heat Saving Set

  • Even heat distribution – pleasant feel to the room
  • Ideal for buildings with a fireplace or stove – which tend to overheat the room
  • Protection for the building fabric
  • Closable when out of operation to reduce sound

Technical data:

  • 9 power settings, adjustable by remote control
  • Speeds 700–1,500 rpm
  • Air volume 21–51 m³/h
  • Consumption: max. 2.5 watt
  • Noise: max. 48.1 (dB)A at 1 metre
  • IP range: IP 24 for the ventilator and the controller box (flush mounted)

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