How it works

Stand Alone Operation

Warm, stale air is transported from the room to the outside for 70 seconds, heating the ceramic element in the process. Then the unit changes the direction of flow: Now, fresh air from outside flows into the room, heated in the process by the warmth stored in the ceramic element.

Dialogue Operation

While one unit provides fresh air, at the same time, the second unit transports warm, sta le air to the outside. During this process, the heat energy contained in the waste air is stored in the ceramic element. After 70 seconds, the ventilators change their direction of flow. Both units communicate with each other via radio contact.

Marley benefits:

  • The honeycomb structure of the internal ceramic element has a particularly large surface area, as a result, large amounts of heat can be absorbed or released from the flow of air within a short time.
  • Condensation is produced in the device during extraction of the waste air. Unlike in standard heat revovery units, it is not necessary to

    extract this condensation; instead, the moisture is absorbed by the incoming fresh air as it heats up after the system‘s flow direction has changed. This prevents excessive dryness of the interior atmosphere and guarantees a good room climate, especially in winter.

Advantages Marley Fresh Air Heat Recovery Unit

  • Essential for houses with thermal insulation – controlled ventilation and energy savings at the same time!
  • Continuous basic ventilation in living rooms, bedrooms etc.
  • Protects health and buildings – no humidity, no mould
  • No build-up of condensation!



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