• Assemply of slide-holders

    The new-developed height-adjustable slide-holder serves at the same time for the hold of pipes (up to pipe diameter 22 mms) and skirting boards and unevennesses of the ground are compensated easily. The slide-holder is simply put on on the ground and is fastened after the predrilling with a nail rawl plug. Besides, the clamp distance amounts to approx. 1 m.

  • Assembly of the skirting board

    The skirting board assembly is afterwards as easy. It is hung up with a "Click" on the upper nose of the slide-holder and is pressed below with the hand, so that you engage with a "Clack". The upper thick lip on the skirting board guarantees even with small unevennesses an optimum connection with the wall.

    With the stickable 90° inside- and outside-corners the assembly becomes even easier and quicker. Corners must not be cut any more on mitre - the exact fitting is guaranteed. For bigger lengths than 2.5 m there is a connector.

    Advantages Marley skirting boards

    • Four high-quality surfaces
    • Easy and quick assembly
    • Height-adjustable slide-holder

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