Plastic tile frames

Clever technology – completely invisible

The systematic advancement of conventional tile frames. Marley tile frames have that special something: the tiles can even be bigger than the mounting board and overlap it! This means the size of the inspection cover can be kept to a minimum – regardless of the tile size.

The Marley tile frame is simply glued into position in the wall opening from the front using tile adhesive or silicone – there's no need for any wall anchors or screws. This also makes the Marley tile frame ideal for installation in thin, lightweight building board. The Marley tile frame fits all tile thicknesses with no laborious adjustment work.

Once installed the surface is grouted as normal – the inspection cover is then completely invisible, nothing breaks the joint pattern and the tile décor, no disruptive and time-consuming tile cutting work is required, and the tiled finish creates an all-round harmonious look.

fitting size (mm)

tile frames

160 x 210068312
210 x 260068343
210 x 315068350
315 x 315068367

The frame size does not restrict the number and size of the tiles bonded to the mounting board. It does not matter if tiles overlap the edge of the mounting board.

It's this easy – fitting tips

Fitting plastic tile frames in baths bedded in rigid foam

Cut the inspection chamber out of the rigid foam block.
Cover the edges of the tile frame with silicone.
Stick the tiles onto the mounting board using silicone. Do not stick the overlapping tile areas.
Insert the mounting board into the tile frame and grout the whole area as normal.

Fitting in mortared baths

Leave an opening of appropriate size<br />for the inspection chamber when<br />bedding the bath in mortar.
Cover the edges of the tile frame with permanent tile adhesive and stick into the opening. Leave to dry completely.
Stick the tiles onto the mounting board using silicone.
Insert the tiled mounting board into the frame and grout in.

Simple opening for repair work

The inspection chamber is easy to find by knocking on the tiles.
Remove the surrounding grout and detach the tiled mounting board using a plunger.

Advantages of plastic tile frames

  • Simple fitting without wall anchors or screws
  • Suitable for all tile thicknesses with no laborious adjustment work
  • Tiles can be larger than the mounting board
  • Only a small inspection chamber is required

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