Steel plate inspection door with pressure lock

Elegant, modern look

Product features:

  • Inspection doors with covered pressure lock
  • Elegant, modern look
  • Robust, powder-coated white finish
  • Easy fitting and secure hold thanks to wall anchors
  • Material: galvanised steel plate

Area of use:

  • Any location where there is an emphasis on an attractive finish. For neat covering of pipes, shut-off valves etc., which can be accessed at any time without a tool or key.

fitting size (mm)
size (mm)
Steel plate
inspection door
with pressure lock

150 x 150190 x 190068220
200 x 200240 x 240068237
300 x 300340 x 340068244
400 x 400440 x 440068251
500 x 500540 x 540068268
600 x 600640 x 640068275

Advantages of Marley inspection doors with pressure lock

  • Robust, white coated steel plate.
  • Low installation height (also for lightweight building boards)
  • Long, swivelling wall anchors for secure fixing
  • Attractive pressure lock

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