“AQUA” inspection door with drywall insert

For wall and ceiling mounting

Product features:

  • For standard wall and ceiling mounting
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Door flap can be removed, with covered snap lock.
  • incl. safety catch and assembly kit
  • Material: Aluminium door flap and frame
  • Full rubber lip seal prevents contamination from airflow in the joint area
  • 12.5 mm drywall inlay CE-certified in acc. with DIN EN 520: H2, DIN 18180: GKBI

Area of use:

  • For internal use (dry walling) without fire protection requirements in a sheeting thickness of 12.5 mm.

fitting size (mm)
size (mm)
inspection door
with drywall insert
200 x 200240 x 240531625
300 x 300340 x 340531632
400 x 400440 x 440531649
500 x 500540 x 540531731
600 x 600640 x 640531748


Basic principle: For wall assembly, make sure the fastener is pointing towards the ceiling!

  1. Check that the door flap works.
  2. Make the opening for the inspection panel – e.g. use a jigsaw to cut a neat hole in the wall or ceiling (tip: make the opening approx. 6 mm larger than the unobstructed fitting size).
  3. Detach door flap from the inspection panel.
  4. Insert the frame diagonally through the existing opening and position into place. Warning: Make sure the support plate is clean!
  5. Secure the frame to the drywall boards (e.g. with clamps).
  6. Pre-drill the frame (not necessary for screws with pin bit).
  7. The secure the frame on each side with screws (up to 300 mm frame length = 2 screws per side; from 400 mm frame length = 3 screws per side).
  8. Screw in the drywall screws (screw head must be slightly countersunk in the ceiling or wall board) and cover the protruding screw tips on the reverse with the included caps.
  9. Use putty in the gap between the drywall board and frame to make a flush finish.
  10. Seal the door flap while it is detached.
  11. Carefully clean the inside of the frame and the door flap, insert the door flap diagonally into the frame, check it works, fit the catch and close the door flap.

High-quality and cleanly finished aluminium frame ensures easy fitting and a long service life.

Safety catch on both sides facilitates easy handling and the highest security.

Full rubber lip seal prevents contamination from airflow in the joint area.

Advantages of AQUA inspection doors

  • High-quality, cleanly finished aluminium frame
  • Safety catch on both sides and full rubber lip seal
  • Easy fitting, long service life
  • Easy handling and highest security

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