Using adaptor pieces, Marley KG sewer pipes can be attached to pipes made of other materials.

KG connection to cast iron pipe hub with double seal

  1. Cast iron pipe hub
  2. Rubber sleeve + rubber ring = double seal
  3. KG- Rohr

KG connecting piece for cast iron pipe, head end, with double seal

  1. KG pipe
  2. KG connecting piece KGUG
  3. Rubber sleeve + rubber ring = double seal
  4. Cast iron pipe, head end

KG connection to stoneware pipe hub

  1. KG pipe
  2. KG connecting piece KGUSM
  3. Stoneware pipe hub with seal

KG connecting piece for stoneware pipe, head end

  1. KG pipe
  2. KG connecting piece KGUS
  3. Stoneware pipe, head end

Replacing a defective pipe section or installing an additional T-piece (can be bent in hub area)

Phase 1 Cut out the defective section of pipe, and cut the replacement KG pipe to size

  1. Slip-over hub
  2. KG pipe
  3. Defective section of pipe

Phase 2 Slide the slip-over hub (1) over the pipe, bend the existing pipe in the hub area and mount the KG pipe (2) with the roll ring, bend back into position and slide the slip- over hub (1) over the head end of the KG pipe

Advantages Marley KG

  • Well-fitting connection possibilities
  • HT drop pipes can be directly connected to Marley KG sewer pipes
  • Pipe sleeves and form parts equipped with joint rings
  • Securaty by back-up fastener

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