HT interior drainage system, ventilation

Marley pipe ventilators for the automatic ventilation of drainage pipes

When the pressure in the wastewater pipe system drops (i.e., when the toilet is flushed etc) the valve opens automatically, drawing air into the pipes.

Where the pressure in the pipes is at a normal or raised level, the valve remains closed. No bad smells!

According to the DIN EN 12056 regulations, ventilation systems no longer need to be fitted solely via the roof. This helps to avoid leaky roofs resulting from pipe outlets.

Licensed by the building authorities (Z-53.5-466).


Pipe ventilator attachment DN 32 - DN 50

Pipe ventilator attachment DN 75 - DN 110

Advantages Marley HT

  • For all drainage connection inside buildings
  • Simple slot-in hub connection with flap seals
  • high temperature resistant wastewater pipes
  • according to DIN EN 1451 standards
  • Hot-water proof up to 90° C
  • Nominal width: DN 40/50/75/110

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