HT interior drainage

The complete range. Easy, no-mess installation - simply slot together.

A comprehensive program – including pipes, adaptors and accessories – enable you to install virtually all wastewater pipes for domestic drainage quickly and easily by yourself, right down to the KG buried sewer. Hot-water proof. The pre-mounted flap seals offer additional safety for home installation.

The entire system has been tested by the South German Centre of Plastics in Wurzburg, and is subject to continuous control according to the DIN EN 1451 standards. In addition, Marley soil and waste pipes and adaptors are clearly marked with their nominal width and the raw material used (PP polypropylene, highly inflammable).


Advantages Marley HT

  • For all drainage connection inside buildings
  • Simple slot-in hub connection with flap seals
  • high temperature resistant wastewater pipes
  • according to DIN EN 1451 standards
  • Hot-water proof up to 90° C
  • Nominal width: DN 40/50/75/110

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