Down pipe installation

  1. Flexible pipe
  2. Collar
  3. Ceiling installation
  4. T-piece
  5. Drop pipe
  6. Installation on a level with the cellar ceiling
  7. HTRE cleaning pipe
  8. 2 x 45° pipe bends
  9. Foundation level installation


a Ventilation slate (ready made)
b Flexible pipe

Flexible connecting pieces between the end pipe and the extension of the ventilation pipe must not exceed 1m in length.

Ceiling installation

Prop up the ceiling, thread the pipe through, wrap pipe in felt and fill in with cement or mortar. Protect pipes from poured asphalt.


a HTB pipe bend
b Hub bung
c 45° HTEA simple T-piece

Cleaning pipe

HTRE cleaning pipe

Exterior wall - breakthrough

a Steel pipe
b Mortar
c Cold bitumen coat
d Silicon seal

Advantages Marley HT

  • For all drainage connection inside buildings
  • Simple slot-in hub connection with flap seals
  • high temperature resistant wastewater pipes
  • according to DIN EN 1451 standards
  • Hot-water proof up to 90° C
  • Nominal width: DN 40/50/75/110

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