Drainage technology

Everything controlled – drainage technology for every application

Safe drainage for bathroom, balcony, cellar and yard

Marley offers a complete system for home and land drainage. With an extensive range of drainage points, rain drums, inlet shafts and drainage gullies to protect your home and building work from water damage.

Drainage points

In various sizes and designs for safe drainage of service water and rainwater. Not designed for installation in the floors of showers.

Rain drums

To connect downpipes to the main with access opening for quick and simple cleaning.

Inlet shafts

The perfect solution for collecting and draining surface water from paved surfaces.

Drainage gullies

With diverse connectors for safe drainage of rain or wastewater into the sewer network.

Advantages of Marley drainage technology

  • Made of temperature-resistant, impact-proof plastic
  • Lye and acid-resistant
  • With diverse connectors for standard piping systems
  • High drainage flow
  • Ideal for safe and easy DIY installation thanks to push-fit connectors

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