Drainage gullies

The exceptionally high-quality and stable design makes the difference – the Marley drainage gully is extremely robust, easy to lay securely and offers high flexibility thanks to diverse connectors. With its smooth plastic finish the gully guides the rainwater safely into the sewer network from garages, entryways and entrances.

Drainage gully 130 x 1,000 mm

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  • Quick and easy to lay in concrete (C20/25 = 1 part cement/3 parts sand)
  • Car-bearing*, stable, shatter-proof and impact-resistant
  • Easy to size (cut to length with saw)
  • High drainage volume, optimum self-cleaning
  • Resistant against acids, lyes, oils, fats, road salt
  • Frost and heat-resistant
  • Flexible thanks to diverse connectors
  • Pipe connection and corner solution prepared

* When properly laid in compliance with instructions.

Advantages of Marley drainage technology

  • Made of temperature-resistant, impact-proof plastic
  • Lye and acid-resistant
  • With diverse connectors for standard piping systems
  • High drainage flow
  • Ideal for safe and easy DIY installation thanks to push-fit connectors

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