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Rain water is free of charge. And Marley has the systems with which you can collect the rainwater that can be used for your patches and plants. The rainwater collector is constructed according to the ‘coupled containers’ principle. The rain collector and the water-butt are connected to each other by a piece of tubing. As soon as the water-butt is full, the rainwater is redirected down a downpipe into the gully. Can be fitted in to metal or plastic downpipes – now or later.


Universal in use - available in two sizes:
for downpipes according to DN 53-75
for downpipes according to DN 80-105

• simple and quick assembly – without dismantling the downpipe
• attractive, elegant design
• high-quality plastic, frost-proof and UV-resilient
• high efficiency > 95 %
• colours: Grey and brown

 Connections to downpipes DN 53-75 and DN 80-105,
switch from summer to winter mode

 Easy to clean filter basket

 Integrated hose connection, 25.4 mm (1")

 Connection to the downpipe, hidden cut

Rain collector with overflow stopper

Various sizes and colours

For downpipes:

Rain collector:


53 mm
Ø external
DN 53grey, brown
73-77 mm
Ø external
DN 75grey, brown,
white, anthracite
87-90 mm
Ø external
DN 90copper,
99-110 mm
Ø external
DN 105grey, brown,
white, anthracite
45,6-62,2 mm
Ø external
DN 75 + rain collector connector
downpipes DN 53 (reducer)
81-88 mm
Ø external
DN 105 + rain collector connector
downpipes RG 80/87 (reducer)

Marley 'Rainboy' with filter system and overflow stop

The 'Rainboy' does not merely collect rainwater - it directs it first through a filter system, meaning the tank or butt is filled with clean water. With 'Rainboy' you can now make use of rainwater, even when impurities once made this an impossibility. 

  • to be fitted into 87-105 mm Ø downpipes (metal or plastic)
  • colours: grey, brown
  • high efficiency; performance approx. 90 %
  • large filter area
  • self-cleaning through slanted fitting
  • overflow stop
  • can be fitted and maintained without demounting the downpipe
  • drainage: connect to HT DN 50 pipe, with drainage connection to Ø 25 and 32 mm PE-HD pipes and Ø 1" tubes
  • simple to switch from summer to winter operation mode
  • 'Rainboy' can also be fitted lower down the downpipe and connected to an underground water tank.

Advantages of Marley gutters

  • Simple and fast to install
  • High-quality plastics
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Age-resistant and fade-proof
  • Optimal form stability and fitting accuracy
  • Durable and resilient
  • High resistance against weather, UV and temperatures


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