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Marley gutter systems - and everything is in the dry

Marley gutter systems – the perfect art of roof drainage. For good reason:

Assembly. Marley gutters are stuck or conveniently inserted firmly in place. You can do it, too!

System. Complete solutions for any roof size and form, including special corner pieces for oriels, dormers and garden pavilions, etc.

Know-how. Highly effective details, e.g. the cleat-groove system prevents any uncontrolled lengthwise expansion of the gutter and the adjustable gutter bracket permits simple adjustment of the gutter gradient.

Design. Attractively shaped, sleeveless downpipe system with soft transitions. Variety thanks to a large range of colours for even greater design options.

Extra. Tuning for the gutter, e.g rainwater collectors with overflow stop – get your water for free!

Service Life. The impact resistant, weather and UV-proof plastics are extremely durable and resilient. So we provide a 10-year warranty!

Innovative. Marley never stops developing its gutter systems – to make them even easier to fit, more durable and much better in protecting your house against rainwater damage.

Price. Just compare! A plastic gutter is in many ways the more price-conscious alternative.

Quality. Made in Germany – durable, faultless quality.

Keep your house dry: Marley gutter systems are mature, professional solutions to drain your roof – high quality, inexpensive, easy to fit. Marley gutters offer walls and foundations secure and reliable protection against rainwater.

Found quickly: The right gutter for your roof:


Roof gutters and down pipes are given in recommended sizes (RG/DN) as specified in DIN 18460. The correct size for your roof depends on the surface area of your roof and the number of drainage Points. Example for calculating the recommended sizes in accordance with DIN 18460: The gable roof of a house that is 15 metres long and 10 metres wide requires drainage. Therefore, the layout of the house amounts to 150 m2. If a down pipe is fitted to each side of the house, the layout that requires drainage is then 75 m2. According to the table, this indicates that a Marley RG 125 roof gutter and a Marley DN 105 down pipe should be used on each side. If two drainage points are fitted on each side of the house, the layout area requiring Drainage is halved to 37.5 m2. The table now shows that one Marley RG 100 roof gutter and two Marley DN 75 down pipes should be installed on each side.

The roof surface that must be connected / layout surface in m2 Recommended size for roof gutters, semi-circular, box and duplex gutters Recommended pipe size (DN) in mm
up to 25 m2 RG 70/10 parts DN 53
up to 25 m2 RG 75/10 parts DN 53
up to 51 m2 RG 100/ 8 parts DN 75
up to 100 m2 RG 125/ 7 parts DN 105
up to 159 m2 RG 150/ 6 parts DN 105

The colour coding systems make them easy to find in the DIY stores!

For sheds and weekend homes, garages and balconies with up to 25 m² roof surface:
   Duplex roof gutter
   Box roof gutter
   Semi-circular gutter RG 75

For small roofs and house extensions with up to 51 m² roof surface:
   Semi-circular gutter RG 100, 8 parts

For detached and semi-detached houses with up to 100 m² roof surface:
   Semi-circular gutter RG 125, 7 parts

Advantages of Marley gutters

  • Simple and fast to install
  • High-quality plastics
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Age-resistant and fade-proof
  • Optimal form stability and fitting accuracy
  • Durable and resilient
  • High resistance against weather, UV and temperatures

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