Downpipe System

Here's how it works: Downpipe system DN 105/90/75/53

The downpipe system guides the rainwater from the gutter to the rainwater duct or into a drainage shaft. The individual sections are simply inserted while fitting the downpipe system. The soft transitions mean that the downpipe system is a real looker.

Put a bend on the neck and measure the distance to the counter bend. Consider the insertion depth of 4 cm and the distance to the house wall at that. On narrow roof overhangs, two bends must be connected directly with the bellow connector.

Marley down pipes can be cut quickly and easily with a fine-tooth saw. Tip: You should use a mitre box to get a straight cut.

Cleanly deburr the cutting edges of the down pipe, this can increase the collection capacity considerably, especially for the installation of a Marley rain collector.

The individual parts of the down pipe system are simply put together. No seals are necessary due to the insertion depth of the moulded components.

The pipes are attached with pipe clips that are fixed to the house wall with dowels. A distinction is made here between "anchoring pipe clamps" and "adjustable pipe clamps".

A "fixed clamp" is used to secure the lower end of the downpipe. Only the eye bolt is fitted between the straps of the pipe clamp to make this connection. This holds the downpipe firmly in place here. Gaps between the clamps: 2 to 2.50 m.

A "loose clamp" is used to guide the central section or the lower end of the downpipe. The eye bolt and washer are fitted between the straps of the pipe clamp to make this connection. This means that the pipe can move in the clamp and therefore compensate changes in length caused by temperature fluctuation.

Down pipes are connected with a separate sleeve. The down pipe end is conducted to the rain water canal with a Marley KG pipe or ends in rainwater soakaway.

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